Monday, May 11, 2009

4 adorable Jingmen children in need of sponsors!

We are very happy to announce that the Jingmen orphanage is allowing these 4 young children to participate in the GHC foster programme.
Please spread the news of Lucille Jin, Jamie Jin, Joanne Jin and Eleanor Jin needing sponsors to help them live in a foster family.The priceless gift of sharing with a family costs $38 a month for 1 child. Nowadays shared sponsorship is also a possibility.Take these children into your consideration or talk to others who are interested to help Chinese orphans gain a better life.

For all information about the GHC Jingmen Foster Programme please contact Patty Smith/ or Marjanne Laeven/

Thank you for your support in any way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lilly (Jin Sarah) holding her forever sister!

Thanks to Jodie, Lilly's mom we can show you this wonderful photo of Lilly/ Jin Sarah holding her sister.
Lilly is the girl waving in the left.
Lilly has been adopted in December 2008 and is now inseparable from her dear sister.
Look at their radiant smiles and intense joy. Jodie told me that Lilly is such a bliss to her family and she is grateful for all the love and goodcare Lilly got in her Jingmen foster family. She was told Lilly was loved very much by her foster family and in the coming years she hopes to return to Jingmen to thank them.

Thank you all Grace and Hope sponsors for making the foster programme-helping Jingmen children find caring foster families- such a success.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long Overdue Update!

It's been a long time since we've updated this site. But rest assured, the Jingmen foster care program is alive and well! We've had the joy of watching many of the children be adopted, and the joy of seeing new children moved into foster homes. There are currently 6 children in the Grace and Hope Jingmen program and I'm happy to say that they are all currently sponsored!

My own sponsored child is soon to be adopted. Her family is awaiting the final travel approval and is expected to travel in a few short weeks! It warms my heart to see her come full circle, from an orphan, to a child living in a foster home, to finally going home to her forever family. Its been a long wait for her and I know her family cannot wait to finally meet her in person!

Although we do not have any current Jingmen children needing sponsorship, the need for donations always continues. A few of the Jingmen children are being sponsored for schooling and I believe their funds will run out in the not so distant future. There is also a continued need for donations to cover various needs that come up throughout the year at Jingmen. If you would like to donate specifically to the Jingmen foster care program, you can do this by going to the Grace and Hope website at Click on "how to help" at the upper left hand corner and then you can donate into the general foster care fund. Be sure to specify it is specifically for the Jingmen program! Every dollar counts. If several family were to give even just $5.00 it would cover schooling for the kids! Please consider what you might be able to do to help the lives of the children at Jingmen.

We look forward to what is in store for the program in the upcoming months! It is a real joy to watch new children have a chance at a family. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ella Zhou to another foster family

In March 2008 6 year old Ella Zhou moved temporarily back to the orphanage due to private circumstances in her foster family. She had lived with her very first foster family for nearly 5 months.
The Jingmen staff worked hard to find her a new foster family.
We are happy to give you the good news that since July 10 2008 Ella is living with her new foster family. Besides her foster parents she is having a big 15 year old sister to play with and a grand fostermom who happens to be very fond of Ella.
Ella's character is very outgoing and spontaneous. Ella's passion is drawing and dancing.
Her new foster mom, who is a Jingmen caregiver, takes her to dance class every morning which Ella enjoys very much. In Fall this year Ella will attend primary school in Jingmen.
Thanks to Ella's sponsor who persisted in supporting Ella even after her return to the orphanage, Ella has a home again and keeps on dancing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Joseph Zhou in need of sponsor

This boy is named Joseph Zhou and we need a sponsor for the foster care of this boy.
His sponsor will receive more personal information and quarterly Joseph's follow up reports including 4 photos.
Hopefully this boy can live with his foster family very soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Today gotchaday for Jin Feng

Today July 7 is the gotchaday of Jin Feng who will meet her mom,dad,and brother Carrie,Michael and Kevin O'Brien.
I hope all will go well for them today and hope Jin Feng can cope with all changes.
She is going to leave her Jingmen friends and staff behind and find the love and care of her forever family.Her new name is Kelly Jin Feng!!
Here is the link to the O'Briens travel blog

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jin Karla/Helena joined the Barnhart family

Jin Karla/Helena is home and here two photos of Helena armed with her brother and sister.
Her proud mom tells she is attaching well and just fits perfectly in her forever family !!
Thank you April and Jeff for these precious photos of your beautiful childen.